Our Mission

Background of the Cincinnati Sexual Health Consortium


It is well established that sexual health concerns are frequently unrecognized and unaddressed in today’s health care setting. And yet studies document that sexual health is an important part of an individual’s overall health, and sexual dysfunction negatively impacts an individual’s emotional and physical health, overall quality of life and the quality of their relationships.


Why is sexual health and wellness so often overlooked? There are many reasons. First, patients often find it difficult or embarrassing to discuss their sexual health concerns with their health care providers. Secondly, providers are also often embarrassed to discuss sexual health concerns, due to their own societal, cultural or religious barriers, or due to their own lack of education and training in the field of sexual health. Thirdly, the current health care environment, with ever-shorter office visits and problem-focused visits, does not allow patients and providers to explore issues related to sexual health, which commonly have a relationship component. And finally, both across the country and within local communities, health care providers who specialize in sexual health issues are not linked or connected in a way that allows for patients or consumers to find appropriate specialists on their own, or for physicians who are not expert in sexual health to make appropriate referrals for their patients.

Our Mission


The Cincinnati Sexual Health Consortium (CSHC) was formed to improve sexual health and wellness for patients in the Greater Cincinnati area by becoming the unifying organization for sexual health providers, raising awareness of the importance of sexual health and serving as an evidence-based educational resource for providers, patients and the community.

The CSHC will work to achieve its mission to raise the standard of sexual health care through a three-tiered approach. The CSHC plans to:

  • Become the premiere, multidisciplinary membership organization of sexual health providers in Greater Cincinnati.
  • Empower patients by raising awareness of the importance of sexual health and providing information and resources about sexual medicine.
  • Serve as a resource and educator for patients, providers and the community who may seek information about local providers as well as the latest evidence-based information about sexual medicine.