Sexual Health

Welcome to the Cincinnati Sexual Health Consortium (CSHC), a newly formed non-profit whose mission is to improve the level of care for men and women with sexual health dysfunction in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are in the process of building our comprehensive website that will serve as a portal for both patients and providers, and hope you’ll visit us again in July when we launch our new site. In the meantime, please join our mailing list for updates and event information.

About Us

The CSHC was founded by internal medicine physician and women’s health specialist Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF, in January 2017. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, and Dr. Larkin serves as Chairperson.

As a primary care physician specializing in women’s health, Dr. Larkin – like many of her colleagues – believes there is an unmet need in healthcare for patients with sexual health concerns. Patients are often too embarrassed to discuss sexual health issues with their providers or are unaware of the breadth of sexual health treatments available to address their concerns. Likewise, many providers are unsure how to best approach patients’ sexual health needs. The goal in forming the CSHC is to help raise awareness about sexual medicine and to serve as a resource for both patients and providers, with the overarching mission to improve the level of sexual healthcare for men and women.

Our Goals

  1. To become the unifying membership organization of providers in Greater Cincinnati who specialize in sexual health in order to improve the care of men and women with sexual health issues.
  2. To serve as the expert resource for both patients and providers seeking evidence-based information about sexual health and sexual medicine.
  3. To foster collaboration among sexual healthcare providers in Greater Cincinnati to better serve patients seeking sexual health treatment.
  4. To educate medical students and current providers on the most current evidence-based care in the field of sexual medicine.


If you are a sexual health provider practicing in the Greater Cincinnati area and would like to learn more about membership, please email us at [email protected].

Contact Us

For more information about our organization, please fill out the form below or email us at [email protected]